Message from the Executive Director          In this age of rapidly advancing information communication techno-logy, the public’s need for easier access to information about the programs, projects, activities and advocacies of government has become even greater. Being the primary government institution in the Philippines on agricultural finance policy and programs, we, in the Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC), are embracing our responsibility in serving this need.

              Making information more accessible serves a dual purpose. Not only does it respond to a declared need by the public for more and faster information; it also helps raise awareness, improve understanding, and generate greater acceptance for our initiatives and interventions which are aimed at improving access to sustainable credit for smallholders in the agriculture and fisheries sector.

               The ACPC strives for continued improvement in our information and communication strategy, of which the ACPC Website ( is an important component. The use of the internet in attaining widespread dissemination of information is inarguably the most efficient and effective means today. According to Internet World Statistics, the number of internet users in the Philippines has steadily been rising in recent years, with a third of the country’s population (or around 34 million Filipinos) already having access to the internet as of the year 2012. The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) 2012 Survey on Characterizing Small Farmers of the Philippines, on the other hand, shows that farmers mainly turn to government institutions as their sources of production-related information.

               Through this website, we therefore aspire to eventually make information on ACPC more conveniently and immediately accessible to all, for the benefit especially of those who belong to or are involved in the development of the farm and fishing sector.

          To make one’s visit to the ACPC Website even more convenient and pleasing, labelled links are provided to direct the user to the pages being searched, such as on ACPC as an organization (e.g. the mandates & structure); ACPC programs (e.g. the Agro-Industry Modernization Credit and Financing Program & the different financing programs being implemented under its umbrella); ACPC activities, news and events (e.g. the latest issue of The Philippine Agri-Finance News); as well as relevant statistics and data on agricultural credit and finance in the Philippines gathered by the ACPC (e.g. bank lending to agriculture & banks’ compliance to the Agri-Agra Law).

              We have also started forging information sharing agreements with some of ACPC’s partner institutions and organizations which now allows users to also gain immediate access to other relevant websites and databases through the ACPC Website. At present, we already have links to the Department of Agriculture (DA) website as well as the Socio-Economic Research Portal for the Philippines (SERP-P) being administered by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS). We plan on having more of these information linkages over the next few years.

               Welcome to the online portal of the ACPC! May you have an informative and enjoyable visit! Happy browsing!