Farm Machinery Loan Easy Access (MLEA)

The Farm Machinery Loan Easy Access (MLEA) aims to:

Finance acquisition of machinery, equipment and/or facilities from production, harvesting to post harvest

Stand alone – one type of machinery
Combo package – set of machinery, equipment, facilities

Eligible Borrowers
  • Individual borrowers (MSFF)
  • Organization borrowers
  • Coops or associations of MSFF (CDA/SEC registered)
  • Must pass the following:
    • Good credit standing
    • No adverse finding (no derogatory record with DA /other agencies)
    • With sufficient coverage area
    • Viable business plan (can pay off the loan)
Loan Amount
  • Acquisition cost of machine/equipment
  • Amortized based on cash flow up to 10 years
Interest Charge
  • 6% interest per annum diminishing balance
Loan Security
  • Chattel mortgage of financed machinery


ACPC Contact Person

Mr. Alvin U. Cabato
Tel. No.: (02) 636-3392
Institutional Capacity Building