Policy Research

Conduct policy research to come up with timely and reliable recommendations on the appropriate credit policies and programs for the agriculture and fisheries sector.

Action Research

Conduct action research on innovative financing schemes for small farmers and fisherfolk.


Regularly monitor the flow of credit to the agricultural sector particularly those provided by the banking sector including government credit, guarantee, insurance, and capacity building programs.

Program Implementation

Oversee the implementation of agricultural credit and guarantee programs to ensure that credit is truly made available and accessible to small farmers and fisherfolk.


Empower the rural finance sector by facilitating capacity-building programs for rural financial institutions, including cooperatives and other people’s organizations, and for individual farmers and fisherfolk.

Advocacy and Information Dissemination

Conduct advocacy and information dissemination activities to promote and generate greater awareness, understanding, acceptance, and support for agri-credit policies and ACPC programs.

Accredit Financial Institutions

Accredit debt securities and non-bank rural financial institutions pursuant to the implementation of RA10000 or Agri-Agra Reform Credit Act of 2009 (DA-SO 605).

Administrative and Finance

Determining organizational targets and success indicators to measure timeliness and quality of services and adhering to stakeholders’, administrative, and legal requirements.

Information Systems Management

Enhancing operational efficiency through the adoption of information technology solutions.