Agro-Industry Modernization Credit and Financing Program(AMCFP)

Oversee the implementation of the AFMA-mandated Agro-Industry Modernization Credit and Financing Program. As Oversight Bodyof the AMCFP, the tasks of ACPC include:

  • the review and approval of credit programs under the AMCFP including their work plan and budget;
  • performance evaluation of AMCFP, its fund wholesalers and fund retailers;
  • periodic review of AMCFP implementing guidelines;
  • program and financial monitoring of the AMCFP.

Innovative Financing Schemes

Conduct action research studies on innovative financing schemes for small farmers and fisherfolk. The IFS are schemes that serve as safety nets which ensure the continuous flow of credit in the countryside in the interim period of adjustment to the reforms being implemented in agricultural and rural finance policy. The IFS are time-bounded experiments intended for replication under the AMCFP if proven successful. The IFS play a significant role in the agenda of the government in view of its specific targeted clientele – the small farmers and fisherfolk who lack collateral.

Institutional capacity building (ICB) programs for countryside financial institutions

Empower the rural finance sector by facilitating institutional capacity-building programs for countryside financial institutions(CFIs), including cooperatives and other people’s organizations as well as for their farmer and fisherfolk members. ACPC’s ICB programs are aimed at strengthening the capacity of CFIs in accessing and efficiently managing credit funds.

Rural and agricultural finance policy research and advocacy

Conduct policy research studies to come up with timely and reliable recommendations on appropriate credit policies and programs for the agriculture and fisheries sector.

Management of government credit funds for agriculture and fisheries

Oversee the implementation of agricultural credit and guarantee programs to ensure that credit is truly made available and accessible to small farmers and fisherfolk. ACPC has also taken the lead role in the collection and consolidation of about P6 billion funds from 40 lending programs of the DA into the AMCFP, a responsibility that GFIs turned down because of the burden and cost of collecting past due accounts.

Advocacy and Information Dissemination Activities

Conduct advocacy and information dissemination activities to promote and generate greater     awareness, understanding, acceptance and support for agri-credit policies and ACPC programs.