The Agricultural Credit Policy Council is the premier institution in pursuing innovations in rural and agricultural finance by providing timely, responsive, sustainable and effective credit policies and programs for small farmers and fisherfolk and their organizations through a process-based Quality Management System and continual improvement in the following:

1. Determining organizational targets and success indicators to measure timeliness and quality of services;

2. Adhering to stakeholders’, administrative, and legal requirements.

3. Conducting policy and action research studies to develop evidence-based innovative credit policies and programs schemes for the agriculture and fisheries sector;

4. Overseeing the implementation of the Agro-Industry Modernization Credit and Financing Program (AMCFP) and ensuring that credit funds are available and accessible to small farmers and fisherfolk;

5. Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs under AMCFP with the aim of promoting results-based management and accountability;

6. Facilitating capacity-building programs and activities for countryside financial institutions, including cooperatives and other people’s organizations, as well as small farmers and fisherfolk;

7. Providing technical assistance in the implementation of relevant provisions of Republic Act No. 11901

8. Conducting advocacy and information dissemination activities to promote and generate greater awareness, understanding, and support for agri-credit policies and ACPC programs;

9. Enhancing operational efficiency through the adoption of information technology solutions, and

10. Maintaining rules-based governance and commensurable support to ACPC operations.