The Survival and Recovery (SURE) Program aims to support the government’s goal of helping small farmers and fisherfolks (sff) in calamity affected areas regain their capacity to earn a living. The strategy is to provide immediate relief to SFF through a loan and grant assistance package. The program was first implemented in 2017 in areas declared under state of calamity.To support the government’s goal of helping agricultural households in calamity affected areas regain their capacity to earn a living. The program aims to provide immediate relief to SFF through loan and grant assistance.

Who are eligible

Small farmers

1. Those cultivating not more than five (5) hectares of land and/or are engaged as small poultry/livestock raisers defined as those raising not more than the following:
a. poultry - 1,000 poultry layers or 5,000 broilers
b. swine - 10 sows or 20 fatteners
c. cattle - 10 fatteners or 5 breeders
d. dairy - 10 milking cows
e. goat - 50 heads
2. Agricultural workers in farms

Small fisherfolk

a.Those operating fishing vessels with capacity of three tons or less;
b. Those operating fishponds of less than five hectares or fish cages of less than 400 square meters;
c. Fish workers in fishing boats, fishponds, or fish processing establishments; and
d. any other individuals who are engaged in small scale fish production, processing and distribution.

  • Up to P25,000 loanable amount
  •  Interest. 0% interest
  •  Service fee. 3% of the loan amount
  • No collateral
  • Payable up to 3 years
  • 1-year moratorium on payment of loans under other ACPC programs

The DA Regional Field Offices, in coordination with the Municipal AgricultureOffices, shall be responsible for the identification and endorsement of eligible small farmers- and fisherfolk-borrowers who must be enrolled in the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA), which is an electronic compilation of basic information on farmers, farm laborers, and fisherfolk.