The Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC) has embarked on a project to establish a reliable network and database management system that will address faster generation of needed data and information from ACPC-implemented programs. In 2014, the ACPC prioritized the development of the Agri-Credit Program Management Information System (ACPMIS).

The ACPMIS is aimed to be used as a tool for the administration of the different major programs and implementation of policies of the ACPC towards promoting farmers’ and fisherfolk’s access to sustained financial services. Specifically, it intends to: (a) provide a more efficient monitoring and review of inflow and outflow of Agro-Industry Modernization Credit and Financing Program (AMCFP) and Special Projects credit funds; (b) promote the mobilization of these credit funds for the program; and (c) generate reports that can be used in policy formulation and decision making, particularly in program/project implementation.

The development of the ACPMIS will primarily involve the following activities: (a) project initiation; (b) system development requirement study; (c) design and analysis, (d) code development, (e) quality testing, (f) deployment, and (g) documentation and delivery. The information system that will be developed will follow the important phases of systems development. The system proto-type and final versions will be evaluated and installed. Users of the program will also be trained on its utilization and maintenance. The entire project will cover a period of eight months.

ACPC’s partner in developing the system is RSV Geoconsulting and Management Services (RSV-GEMS). RSV-GEMS is a sole proprietorship firm and Geographic Information and Communications Technology (Geo-ITC) Solutions provider. One of its service thrusts is to help clients in the development of sound policies, plans and programs and to efficiently implement/enforce the same through the application of Geo-ITC solutions such as survey data, maps, charts, statistics, atlases, information systems and spatial data infrastructures.

The ACPMIS is part of the Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP) FY 2013-2015. Its implementation is expected to enhance ACPC’s capabilities in planning, coordination and communication, sharing of information, activity tracking and reporting, decision making, and policy development

The ACPC ISSP FY 2013-2015 was approved by the National Computer Center (NCC). The ISSP aims to address ACPC’s internal requirements for historical and current data to support program management and policy development. In addition, ACPC must cater to the increasing demand for information by the general public, media, policy making bodies, program partners, international community, and other stakeholders.